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Training gloves with wristband

Training gloves with wristband protection.


  • High quality ergonomic training gloves with wristband.

  • Ideal to protect your hands and wrist against any kind of workout.

  • High quality material with elastic wristband for maximum fit.

  • With padding in the palm for greater protection and comfort.

  • Available in assorted sizes to fit all hand sizes.


The most intense training requires the best protection and comfort.

In the gym, in the park, in the gym … wherever we train, it is always a constant, the hands wear out a lot

This is why it is so important to wear good quality gloves. At StarLabs Nutrition we have a wide range of accessories, including reinforced gloves with an elastic strap, designed to protect your hands from the most intense workouts and, at the same time, prevent overload or injury to the wrist joint thanks to to your elastic bracelet.

It has a quick and easy extraction system ideal for after training.

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